FD Stonewater has quickly become a leader in designing, constructing and owning facilities leased and occupied by the Federal Government. Our expertise in the government sector provides an in-depth knowledge of the Federal Government’s highly-specialized process and requirements — we possess an exceptional understanding of the development and financing strategies necessary to both win the award and successfully deliver the build-to-suit lease opportunity. In less than four years, the company and its affiliates have delivered fourteen long-term, build-to-suit leases to the U.S. General Services Administration. These projects total over 800,000 square feet at a cost of approximately $400 million and include highly-complex features such as BSL-3 laboratories and specialized security features.


FD Stonewater manages all aspects of a development or construction project on your behalf, while maintaining focus on the overall return on investment as our guide. Whether a ground-up development, an expansion, a tenant build-out or a capital improvement project, we possess the unique advantage of an in-house construction management team that will oversee the process from the initial planning stages through final delivery. Our team is focused on providing hands-on leadership, capitalizing on functional cost-efficiencies, shortening project timelines and leveraging an end result that is of the greatest value for our partners, clients and tenants.


For companies seeking better corporate and industrial real estate answers, our vast experience in the development and construction of high-performance, sustainable, and energy-efficient projects translates into a cost-efficient opportunity. We offer custom development solutions that are designed, constructed and financially structured to meet each client’s unique requirements. At FD Stonewater, we pride ourselves in a personal approach philosophy — the ability to meet tight time frames and strict budgets while maintaining a pulse on our clients’ needs and expectations.