One North State - Chicago, IL
With 25+ years of principal ownership and asset management experience, FD Stonewater’s principals bring a level of expertise that is unmatched in the real estate advisory field. FD Stonewater has completed approximately $10 billion in real estate investment banking transactions and countless value-add due diligence and asset management assignments.

6.5M Square Feet  /  $925M Asset Value
Asset Management Services
FD Stonewater is uniquely positioned to maximize the value of our corporate and institutional clients’ real estate assets through our fully-integrated brokerage, investment, development and advisory platforms. We approach each asset management assignment as “owners” rather than third-party service providers, bringing our investment ownership pedigree and perspective to each transaction. Specific business plans are generated for each property and meticulously executed. The FD Stonewater platform offers the unique ability to couple our asset management services with our federal and private sector leasing, construction management, investment banking, lender restructuring and disposition/refinancing services. Our highly-skilled team of asset management professionals understands how to unlock value by identifying opportunities, enhancing cost efficiencies and structuring acquisitions and dispositions.
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Corporate Advisory Services
We pride ourselves on aligning our interests with our clients and lending our 25+ years of real estate experience to guide your enterprise in finding the most efficient solution to achieve your corporate goals and objectives. While many real estate advisors offer only capital markets or physical property management expertise, we offer both. FD Stonewater performs a full array of real estate advisory services to corporate clients including the following:

• Strategic planning
• Structuring and executing specific transactions (including sale/leasebacks)
• Tenant representation
• Site selection
• Project management (including built-to-suits)
• Lease negotiation
• Unwinding synthetic leases
• Complex lease terminations
• Capital market transactions
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Investment Banking
For clients requiring capital structuring services, the FD Stonewater team lends the weight of over 25 years of principal ownership and investment banking experience to solve complex situations. We spend the necessary time and effort to learn your business and strategically approach the capital markets for the appropriately structured solution, whether debt, equity or a combination. Whereas many investment sales and mortgage brokers discontinue service after pricing, FD Stonewater continues adding value throughout the process to ensure a successful conclusion by assisting with transaction negotiation, diligence management and closing. Our structuring capabilities include:

• Primary, mezzanine and preferred hybrid debt structures
• Asset disposition
• Joint-venture creation
• Silent partner identification
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