Realogy Headquarters – Madison, NJ
FD Stonewater’s principals led the creation of six institutional real estate investment funds, acquiring 5 million square feet of real estate both as principal and in conjunction with institutional partners. We have also asset managed over $500 million in assets, totaling more than 5 million square feet. Our disciplined approach has delivered consistent results.

$1B Total Investment Portfolio  / 70+ Buildings Acquired  / 8.2M Square Feet
Investment Strategies
At FD Stonewater, we execute thoughtful investment strategies based on our 20+ years of experience, creating value through our fully integrated platform, and generating superior results using calculated risk-balanced decision making. FD Stonewater directly invests in targeted real estate niches through programs aimed at producing higher risk-adjusted returns than typical market norms. Our aggressive and active management approach is the cornerstone of our ability to outperform expected returns.
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Asset Management
FD Stonewater is uniquely positioned to maximize the value of our corporate and institutional clients’ real estate assets through our fully-integrated brokerage, investment, development and advisory platforms. We bring our investment ownership pedigree and perspective to each principal owned asset and each transaction, generating specific business plans for each property. These business plans are meticulously executed from acquisition to asset management through disposition. The FD Stonewater platform offers the unique ability to couple our asset management services with our federal and private sector leasing, construction management, investment banking, lender restructuring and disposition/refinancing services. Our highly-skilled team of asset management professionals understands how to unlock value by identifying opportunities, enhancing cost efficiencies and structuring acquisitions and dispositions.
Long-Term Single Tenant
FD Stonewater actively invests in long-term leased, single tenant office and industrial properties nationwide. These assets are typically located in strong markets that provide competitive advantages for the building occupant. The firm relies on its experience underwriting credit, specific tenant missions, and real estate to make well-founded investment decisions. Investments in this program provide predictable long-term, risk-adjusted current and total returns.
Single Tenant Opportunistic
FD Stonewater has a distinguished track record of acquiring single-tenant, mission-critical facilities with near-term lease expirations and managing these investments to superior returns. Our investment platform is nationwide, though primarily focused on markets with barriers to entry. We prefer assets that present complexities, but that with careful strategic management may achieve opportunistic returns.
Stabilized, Secondary-Market
Since 2014, FDS has targeted investments in stabilized office and industrial assets in secondary markets around the country. Investments in this program feature strong risk-adjusted returns that balance cash flow and long-term appreciation. The firm focuses on amenitized and strategic locations that provide unique barriers to entry.
Corporate Sale-Leaseback
FD Stonewater is interested in corporate sale-leasebacks if a company is interested in moving a real property asset off its balance sheet. Our team can underwrite credit, evaluate the strategic importance of the facility, and analyze local market conditions so that we can offer the corporation a sound financial exit from ownership of a real estate holding, while maintaining the functional use and benefits. This expertise allows us to structure a transaction that will maximize your control of the facility, optimize balance sheet optics and generate the cash your company needs. We serve all markets across the country from office to retail and industrial to hospitality. Our development team can also build a facility to suit your specific needs which can be achieved through a long-term lease with terms agreed upon prior to construction or site selection.
Multi-Tenant Value-Add
FD Stonewater actively invests in value-add, multi-tenant office properties. These properties are often taking the form of underfunded capital projects, below market occupancy, or a combination of factors requiring strategic vision and an active, well-coordinated asset management effort. We typically provide new capital to recover value and stabilize property operations, often engaging best-in-class local property management and leasing firms to assist in the execution of the property-specific business plan to optimize value.